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Ищу Женщина Долговременные отношения / брак Бостон Fitzemt

I'm a down to earth individual who enjoys taking life as it goes who feels material items are not important to be happy. I enjoy being around people as long as they are respectful to me and to others around them. I was brought up with good morals/values as well as many traditions that I carry with...

Fitzemt, 46 лет, Бостон

Долговременные отношения / брак

Не женат / не замужем

Ваша раса: Другое

Ищу Женщина Долговременные отношения / брак Адамс Бэйсин Max_cairo

Высокий карие глаза

Max_cairo, 34 года, Адамс Бэйсин

Долговременные отношения / брак

Живем раздельно



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